Bungy Jumping in Nepal

Bungy Jumping in Nepal

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1 Day



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200 m.

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Min. 01 Pax


Heart-Pounding Excitement: Bungee jumping is renowned for its heart-pounding excitement. The moment before you take the leap is filled with anticipation, and the freefall provides an unparalleled adrenaline rush.

Breathtaking Locations: Bungee jumps are often set in stunning natural locations, such as bridges, cliffs, or canyons. The combination of the thrill of the jump and the breathtaking scenery creates a memorable experience.

Ultimate Leap of Faith: Bungee jumping requires a leap of faith. Stepping off the platform and surrendering to gravity provides a unique sense of liberation and freedom.

Variety of Jump Styles: Different bungee jumping locations offer various jump styles. Whether it’s a classic head-first dive, a backward jump, or even a tandem jump with a friend, there are options to suit different preferences.

Spectacular Views: During the freefall, participants often experience a moment of weightlessness, allowing them to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. This brief moment adds an extra layer of awe to the overall experience.

Photogenic Experience: Bungee jumping provides fantastic photo and video opportunities. Many jump operators offer the option to capture your jump on camera, allowing you to relive the experience and share it with others.

Safe and Controlled Environment: While bungee jumping may seem extreme, reputable bungee jumping operators prioritize safety. The activity is conducted in a controlled environment, with trained professionals ensuring that all safety protocols are followed.

Sense of Accomplishment: Completing a bungee jump often leaves participants with a sense of accomplishment and a boost in confidence. Overcoming the initial fear and taking the leap can be a powerful personal achievement.

Social Experience: Bungee jumping is often a social activity. Sharing the experience with friends or fellow jumpers creates a bond and camaraderie, making the adventure even more enjoyable.

Memorable Bucket List Experience: Bungee jumping is a classic bucket list experience for many thrill-seekers. The unique and intense nature of the activity makes it a memorable and often life-changing event.

Taking the Plunge: Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Nepal, the land of towering mountains and breathtaking landscapes, also offers its fair share of heart-pounding adventures. Among these, bungee jumping stands out as a thrilling activity that tests your courage and rewards you with an unforgettable adrenaline rush. Three iconic sites in Nepal offer you the chance to jump into the void:

Bhote Kosi Bridge Bungee (The Last Resort):

Location: This, Nepal’s first and iconic bungee jump, is situated near the Tibetan border, close to Kathmandu. You jump from a 160-meter-high steel suspension bridge spanning the Bhote Kosi River, plunging towards the gushing water below.

Highlights: The bridge itself offers stunning views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. The jump is operated by The Last Resort, a well-established adventure company with experienced staff and safety protocols.

Things to know: The minimum age for jumping is 16 years, and there are weight restrictions. Reservations are recommended, especially during peak season.

Kusma Bungee Jump (World Second Highest Sky Bridge Bungee):

Location: This adrenaline-pumping jump is located in the Baglung district, west of Pokhara. You leap from a 228-meter-high suspension bridge over the Kali Gandaki River, the second highest bungee jump in the world.

Highlights: The breathtaking views of the valley and river below are unparalleled. The site also offers swing, cable car, and zipline experiences for an additional thrill.

Things to know: The minimum age for jumping is 16 years, and there are weight and health restrictions. Bookings can be made online or directly at the site.

Pokhara Bungee:

Location: Situated right in the heart of Pokhara, this jump offers convenience and stunning views of the Phewa Lake and surrounding mountains. You leap from a 70-meter-high platform, experiencing the excitement without the extreme height of the other two options.

Highlights: This site is perfect for those seeking a less intense bungee experience while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of Pokhara. It’s also a great option for families or groups with varying preferences.

Things to know: The minimum age for jumping is 14 years, and there are weight and health restrictions. You can walk up to the platform or take a cable car for an additional fee.

Choosing the Right Jump:

Consider your comfort level: If you’re a first-timer, Pokhara Bungee might be a good starting point. For those seeking an extreme challenge, Kusma Bungee offers the ultimate thrill. The Last Resort provides a balance between height and stunning scenery.

Accessibility: Pokhara Bungee is convenient due to its location. Kusma Bungee requires more travel time from Pokhara. The Last Resort has a longer journey from Kathmandu.

Cost: The prices for each jump vary slightly, so compare them based on your budget.

Safety First:

Always ensure the chosen operator adheres to strict safety protocols. Reputable companies use high-quality equipment and have experienced staff to guide you through the process. Follow their instructions carefully and prioritize your safety throughout the experience.

No matter which jump you choose, bungee jumping in Nepal is an exhilarating adventure that will leave you breathless. So, take the plunge, embrace the adrenaline rush, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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    Location: One of the most famous bungee jumping spots in Nepal is the 160-meter high suspension bridge over the Bhote Koshi River, near the Nepal-Tibet border. This location provides a stunning backdrop of the Himalayan landscape.

    Operator: The bungee jumping operation at the Bhote Koshi Bridge is typically managed by The Last Resort, a reputable adventure sports company in Nepal. They are known for their commitment to safety standards and providing a thrilling yet secure experience.

    Height and Freefall: The bungee jump at Bhote Koshi is one of the highest commercial bungee jumps in the world, offering an approximately 160-meter freefall. This adds to the overall excitement and intensity of the experience.

    Safety Standards: The Last Resort is known for adhering to international safety standards for adventure sports. The equipment is regularly inspected, and the staff is trained to ensure the safety of participants.

    Booking and Packages: Participants can typically book their bungee jumping experience in advance through the official website or directly at the location. Different packages may be available, including options for photos and videos of your jump.

    Requirements: Bungee jumping usually has certain health and age requirements. Participants are typically required to sign a waiver, and there may be restrictions based on medical conditions. It’s advisable to check these requirements before planning your jump.

    Seasonality: The bungee jumping season in Nepal is influenced by weather conditions. While it is generally available throughout the year, it’s essential to consider factors like monsoon rains that might affect the experience.

    Accommodations: The Last Resort offers accommodations for visitors who want to extend their stay. The resort provides a peaceful and scenic environment, allowing participants to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the region.

    Transportation: The Bhote Koshi Bungee Jump is located a few hours’ drive from Kathmandu. Transportation to and from the jump site is often arranged by the operator, making it convenient for participants.

    Local Attractions: The bungee jumping location is situated in a picturesque area, offering opportunities for additional activities such as trekking, rafting, and exploring the natural beauty of the Bhote Koshi region.

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