Upper Dolpo Trek – 24 days

Upper Dolpo Trek – 24 days

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Max Altitude

4260 meter





No. of Person

Min. 02 Pax


  • Untouched Wilderness: Upper Dolpo is one of the most remote and least developed regions of Nepal, ensuring a pristine and untouched natural environment. The trek takes you through rugged terrain, ancient trade routes, and deep valleys where modern influence is minimal.
  • Shey Phoksundo Lake: The trek leads to the mesmerizing Shey Phoksundo Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Nepal and one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in the world. Its crystal-clear waters, surrounded by dramatic landscapes, create a breathtaking sight.
  • Unique Culture: Upper Dolpo is home to the Tibetan-speaking Dolpa people, who have preserved their ancient culture and traditions for centuries. You’ll have the opportunity to experience their unique way of life, architecture, and rituals.
  • Shey Gompa: The ancient Shey Gompa, also known as Crystal Monastery, is a prominent religious site in the region. It is believed to be over 800 years old and is an important pilgrimage destination for Buddhists.
  • High Passes: The trek includes challenging high passes like Kang La Pass and Shey La Pass, providing exhilarating views of the surrounding peaks and valleys. These passes are integral to the trek’s adventure.
  • Trans-Himalayan Landscape: The trek traverses a diverse landscape, ranging from arid desert-like terrain to lush forests, alpine meadows, and snow-capped peaks. The contrast in scenery is awe-inspiring.
  • Limited Tourist Footprint: The restricted nature of the Upper Dolpo region has kept the number of trekkers limited. This means you’ll often have the trails to yourself, allowing for a more serene and intimate experience.
  • Natural Hot Springs: The trek takes you past natural hot springs, providing a soothing respite for tired muscles after days of trekking.
  • Challenging Trekking: The Upper Dolpo trek is physically demanding due to its high altitudes and rugged terrain. Proper acclimatization and fitness preparation are crucial for a successful journey.
  • Remote Villages: Along the way, you’ll encounter small settlements and villages that have retained their traditional way of life. Interacting with the locals offers insights into their daily routines and cultural practices.
  • Restricted Area Permit: The Upper Dolpo region falls under restricted areas, so you’ll need a special trekking permit to explore this region. This adds to the exclusivity and uniqueness of the experience.
  • Camping Experience: Accommodation facilities are limited, so camping is often the primary option. This gives you the chance to truly connect with the wilderness and experience the night skies of a remote location.

Upper Dolpo beckons, a hidden jewel nestled in the far western reaches of Nepal. Untamed and restricted, this land unveils itself only to the intrepid souls who yearn for raw beauty and authentic encounters.

Where Mountains Kiss the Sky: Forget asphalt and development. Here, vast open plains roll toward towering cliffs, crowned by the majestic snowcaps of the Himalayas. The Trans-Himalayas, a lesser-known range, adds its own rugged charm to the landscape, painting a vista worthy of a breathless gasp.

Whispers of Ancient Customs: Immerse yourself in a living museum of unique cultures. In the lower regions, Hindu beliefs weave stories of gods and spirits, while the higher reaches echo with the ancient chants of the Bon Po religion, found only in Upper Dolpo. Witness vibrant customs, traditional garb, and rituals that have danced unchanged for centuries. Each village whispers secrets of a life untouched by modernity, a captivating contrast to the world we know.

Language, a Bridge to Understanding: Prepare to be challenged, and captivated. The local dialect of Nepali, distinct from its lowland cousin, requires attentive ears and open hearts. But in the struggle to understand, a deeper connection blooms. You’ll find smiles transcend the barrier of words, laughter bridging the gap between worlds.

A Walk with Time: Each step on this 21-day trek is a journey through time. Embrace the simplicity of a life where technology is a distant echo. Witness the resilience of a people who live in harmony with their harsh yet breathtaking environment. Learn from their quiet strength, their unwavering faith, and their unyielding spirit.

A Memory Etched in Stone: The Upper Dolpo trek is not just a trek; it’s a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage to the heart of Nepal, to the soul of its mountains, and to the depths of your own spirit. It’s a challenge that rewards with breathtaking vistas, authentic encounters, and memories that will forever shimmer like the snowcapped peaks on a clear Himalayan day.

Detail Itinerary

As soon as you touch down at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, our friendly representatives from Adventure Land Nepal will be waiting to greet you and whisk you away to your hotel. After taking a moment to freshen up and unwind, you’ll meet your guide or tour leader for a comprehensive briefing about your exciting Himalayan adventure. This is your chance to ask any questions and clear any doubts you might have about the trip, ensuring you embark on your journey with complete confidence. Settle in for a restful night at your comfortable hotel, ready to begin your unforgettable exploration of Nepal tomorrow.

Kathmandu Valley bursts with history and spiritual richness, waiting to be explored! Let’s dive into its heart, discovering ancient treasures hidden in plain sight.

First on our list:

  • Pashupatinath: Witness the sacred rituals unfolding at this revered Hindu temple, perched on the banks of the Bagmati River. Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of prayer flags and the serene whispers of mantras.
  • Boudhanath: Marvel at the majestic Boudhanath stupa, its white dome adorned with countless prayer wheels and watchful eyes. Soak in the peaceful atmosphere as pilgrims circle the monument, whispering aspirations on the wind.
  • Swayambhunath: Climb the 365 steps to Swayambhunath, nicknamed the “Monkey Temple,” and soak in the panoramic views of Kathmandu. Feel the ancient energy emanating from this 2,000-year-old Buddhist sanctuary, believed to have sprouted spontaneously from a lotus flower.
  • Patan: Embrace the artistic spirit of Patan, known as the “city of fine arts.” Wander through narrow alleyways adorned with intricate carvings and vibrant shops bursting with souvenirs. Don’t miss the chance to try your hand at traditional crafts!

In the afternoon:

  • Meet your trekking guide: Gear up for your Himalayan adventure! Chat with your experienced guide, discuss your itinerary, and ensure all equipment is ready. This is your chance to ask any questions and feel confident about your upcoming trek.
  • Pack for adventure: Get organized and double-check your essentials. Lay out your hiking gear, pack your camera, and fill your water bottle – tomorrow, the mountains await!

Your journey to the mystical Dolpa begins with a taste of Terai charm! Embrace the buzz of Nepalgunj, gateway to the Himalayas, nestled in the fertile lowlands near the Indian border. Feel the vibrant rhythm of life as you navigate bustling bazaars, where horse carts laden with people weave through the crowds, exchanging whispers of border tales. Immerse yourself in the unique blend of Hindu and Muslim cultures, savoring the aroma of spices and the vibrant hues of sarees flowing through the streets.

Tonight, rest easy in a cozy hotel, lulled by the distant echoes of a land steeped in ancient lore and breathtaking landscapes. Tomorrow, Nepalgunj awaits with its hidden gems and the promise of an unforgettable ascent into the heart of the Himalayas.

Your Dolpa adventure takes flight in the morning with a breathtaking 35-minute journey over vertiginous mountain ridges. Below, emerald valleys and jagged peaks unfold like a painter’s canvas, hinting at the wonders that await. As the plane touches down at Juphal, a sense of exhilaration washes over you. Nestled amidst the mountains, Juphal’s gravel airstrip and simple Hindu village feel like stepping back in time.

Crossing the Threshold to Adventure:

A winding path leads you down from Juphal, weaving through fields of golden wheat and vibrant vegetables. Soon, the emerald ribbon of the Thuli Bheri River glistens in the sunlight. And then, you see it – the Dhim Bridge, a majestic iron suspension bridge stretching 99 meters across the chasm, marking the entrance to the vast Shey Phoksundo National Park.

Stepping into a Sanctuary:

Established in 1984, Shey Phoksundo National Park is Nepal’s crown jewel, protecting a staggering 3,555 square kilometers of Trans-Himalayan wilderness. Here, Tibetan-style flora and fauna thrive, untouched by the clamor of the modern world. As you pay your entrance fee (remember, SAARC citizens get a special discount!), a sense of wonderment fills you. You’re embarking on a journey into a realm of pristine beauty and ancient secrets.

A Footpath to Enchantment:

The quiet path becomes your companion, winding through dappled forests and alongside emerald rivers that gurgle secrets in the sun. More or less an hour after Shyanta, you arrive at Chhepka, a quaint village nestled amidst barley fields. The air is crisp and sweet, the setting sun painting the sky in fiery hues. As you settle in for the night, anticipation buzzes like the stars emerging above. Tomorrow, Chhepka becomes your base camp for venturing deeper into the heart of the Shey Phoksundo National Park.

Today’s journey is a prelude to magnificence. Your boots carry you on a gentle ascent for an hour or two, traversing verdant trails amidst the embrace of the forest. With each step, anticipation builds, whispering promises of hidden treasures.

Then, like a curtain raised on a grand spectacle, the Suligad Waterfall bursts into view! Nepal’s highest, plummeting 167 meters in a cascade of liquid thunder. Bathe in the spray, feel the mist on your face, and witness the raw power of nature unleashed. Let this be your victory dance, a moment to savor the journey so far and the magnificent path ahead.

Five minutes past the waterfall, the trail crests a rise, and your heart skips a beat. There, spread before you like a turquoise jewel set in an emerald crown, lies Phoksundo Lake. Its stillness mirrors the sky, its depths holding ancient secrets. The first glimpse is a silent gasp, a moment etched in memory forever.

Half an hour more, a Nepali flat meander under the canopy of the forest, a serene passage leading you to Ringmo. This quaint village, nestled on the shores of the lake, welcomes you with warmth and the whisper of Tibetan prayers. As you settle in for the night, the day’s journey paints dreams of sapphire waters and cascading might.

Tomorrow, Phoksundo beckons, promising adventures yet untold. For now, sleep under the watchful gaze of the Himalayas, your soul lulled by the lullaby of the rushing river.

Phoksundo Lake, a turquoise dream cradled by rugged peaks, deserves a day of your undivided attention. Let its beauty wash over you, a balm for the soul and a feast for the senses. Take a morning stroll along the shore, the crystal-clear water reflecting the azure sky like a perfect mirror. The crisp mountain air invigorates your senses, while the distant cry of eagles punctuates the serene silence.

Ringmo’s Enchanting Embrace:

Ringmo, perched on the eastern shores, is a tapestry of charm. The warm smiles of the Bonpo villagers, practitioners of an ancient Tibetan religion, weave a thread of cultural richness. Their houses, adorned with prayer flags fluttering in the breeze, tell stories of faith and tradition.

A Sanctuary in the Pines:

Across the shimmering expanse of the lake, the Bonpo Monastery beckons. A twenty-minute walk through a fragrant pine forest leads you to its threshold. Stepping inside, the air hums with an ancient, resonant energy. Breathe in the scent of burning incense and marvel at the intricately painted mandalas adorning the walls.

Gaze upon the majestic statue of Thönpa Chenrab, the founder of Bonpo, his compassionate eyes radiating wisdom from across time. Let the chanting resonate through you, a bridge between your world and the timeless traditions of this sacred space.

A Symphony of Stillness:

As the sun paints the sky in fiery hues, find a quiet spot on the shore. The water mirrors the changing colors, a breathtaking visual dance. Let the stillness engulf you, a lullaby sung by the whispering wind and the lapping waves. Savor this moment, etched forever in the tapestry of your memories.

This free day at Phoksundo Lake is more than just a respite; it’s a deep dive into the soul of the Himalayas. A chance to connect with nature, embrace a unique culture, and discover the peace that resides within you. So, breathe deeply, lose yourself in the magic, and let the lake replenish your spirit for the adventures that lie ahead.

Prepare for a day that will etch itself into your memory like a mountain carving. Today’s trail twists and turns along a rocky ledge, hugging the mountainside with rugged determination. As you climb, the air thins, invigorating your senses and rewarding your efforts with breathtaking panoramas. At the crest, perched at 4060 meters, Sonam Kang rises before you, its snow-capped peak piercing the cerulean sky. Let the vista wash over you, a tapestry of rugged beauty woven with threads of awe.

But the journey continues. The trail dives into a steep and dusty descent, a switchback path winding through a forest of birches and blue pines. Their whispering leaves offer a cool respite from the sun, their fragrant scent a natural perfume filling the air. Embrace the challenge, for each step brings you closer to the heart of the Himalayas.

After a well-deserved break, your boots find their rhythm again, carrying you towards Chunemba. The trekking route, a five-hour symphony of nature’s beauty, unfolds before you. Emerald valleys paint the landscape, dotted with quaint villages like brushstrokes on a canvas. Jagged peaks scrape the clouds, their snow-kissed crests shimmering in the sunlight. Every bend in the trail unveils a new masterpiece, a testament to the unparalleled artistry of nature.

As the day wanes, Chunemba welcomes you with open arms. This charming village, nestled amidst the mountains, offers a cozy haven for weary travelers. Settle in for the night, lulled by the murmurs of the mountains and the echoes of your day’s adventure. Tomorrow, with renewed energy, you’ll step further into the embrace of the Himalayas, each path a promise of wonder waiting to be unveiled.

Today’s journey is an ode to vertiginous beauty and alpine exhilaration. The trail clings to the spine of the Kang Gompa Valley, ascending in a determined rhythm amidst the crisp mountain air. Feel the earth firm beneath your boots, each step a testament to your strength and resilience.

As you climb, the world transforms into a tapestry of emerald slopes and rugged cliffs. Grassy ridges roll out like green carpets, inviting your footsteps onto their soft embrace. Scattered groves of birch trees offer pockets of shade and whispers of ancient tales. Breathe in the scent of pine, the invigorating elixir of the Himalayas.

But the true spectacle lies ahead. Gaze upwards, and your breath catches in your throat. Shey Shikar, a behemoth of ice and rock, pierces the sky at 6239 meters, its summit shrouded in ethereal mist. Across the valley, Kang Chunne stands sentinel, its granite crown reaching for the heavens at 6443 meters. These Himalayan giants command awe, their presence a humbling reminder of nature’s immensity.

And then, with a sigh of relief, the trail starts its descent. Crossing the 4200-meter mark, you navigate a gentle, rocky path, your focus turned inward, savoring the quiet contemplation of the mountains. As you near Lar Tsa, the valley floor welcomes you with open arms. This remote village, nestled amidst the towering peaks, offers a warm embrace and a glimpse into the simple life of the mountain people.

Settle in for the night, the shadows of the Himalayas painting your dreams with the majesty of your day’s journey. Shey Shikar and Kang Chunne stand guard throughout the night, silent sentinels guarding your slumber. Tomorrow, the trail calls once more, promising new adventures and breathtaking vistas. For now, rest your weary muscles, the echoes of nature your lullaby, and the promise of mountain magic your song.

Fuel your spirit with a hearty breakfast at the lodge, for today’s journey ascends to new heights. The air buzzes with anticipation as you cross the bridge, a tangible bridge between worlds. Your boots bite into the earth, your lungs fill with the crisp mountain air, and your pulse quickens with the thrill of the climb.

The trail spirals upwards, a serpent coiling around the mountainside. With each step, the world expands, unveiling an ever-grander spectacle. At 4500 meters, you crest the slope, and your breath hitches in your throat. The panorama explodes before you – a dizzying array of jagged peaks, emerald valleys, and the endless expanse of the sky. Shey Phoksundo Lake shimmers like a sapphire jewel, a testament to nature’s artistry. Let the panorama wash over you, a memory etched in your soul.

But the journey continues. Your descent towards Mendok Ding is a gentle dance on the barren slopes. The landscape, stripped bare by the elements, possesses a stark beauty. Rocks sculpted by wind and time paint abstract masterpieces, their muted tones whispering ancient secrets. The thin air carries the scent of freedom, the wildness of the Himalayas painting your spirit with its untamed brushstrokes.

As you arrive at Mendok Ding, a rustic haven nestled amidst the barren beauty, a sense of serenity descends. This simple village, inhabited by yak herders and steeped in ancient traditions, offers a glimpse into a life lived in harmony with the harsh, yet magnificent mountains. Settle in for the night, lulled by the wind whistling through the valley and the crackling warmth of a yak dung fire.

Tomorrow, with renewed spirit and a heart full of the Himalayas’ wild poetry, you’ll continue your trek. But for now, savor the quiet magic of Mendok Ding, a stark landscape whispering tales of resilience and the breathtaking beauty of a world untouched.

Breakfast fuels your spirit as you set off on the final leg of your Himalayan odyssey. Today, the Dolma La beckons, a gateway etched by the winds and whispered upon by legends. The trail ascends, your breath mingling with the thin mountain air, your muscles burning with the determination to reach the crest.

And then, you stand there, at the summit of the pass, and the world opens up like a celestial tapestry. Rolling hills, painted in a palette of burnt orange and brown, stretch out as far as the eye can see. Snow-capped peaks pierce the cerulean sky, their majesty echoing through the silence. This is a landscape born of ancient dreams, a scene that transcends reality and whispers promises of forgotten myths.

The descent plunges you into a world of its own. The narrow trail hugs the mountainside, a serpent coiling down through a wilderness untouched by time. Breathe in the scent of wildflowers clinging to the rocks, feel the sun warm your skin, and listen to the music of the wind playing through the valleys. As you navigate the slopes, keep your eyes peeled for the old Tsakang Gompa, a timeless sentinel guarding the secrets of the mountains.

Finally, Shey Gompa emerges from the embrace of the landscape. This 11th-century monastery, perched on a grassy plain, radiates an aura of serenity and power. As you step through its threshold, the whispers of ancient prayers and the echoes of countless footsteps wash over you. You have crossed the threshold, not just of another place, but into a realm of history and spiritual resonance.

Settle in for the night, the moon painting the surrounding hills with silver and the stars whispering secrets from the heavens. Tomorrow, you’ll delve deeper into the magic of Shey Gompa, explore its hidden wonders, and connect with the timeless spirit of the Himalayas. But for now, let the silence envelop you, a lullaby sung by the mountains, and dream of the adventures that await.

With fuel in your belly and anticipation in your heart, you set off towards the crown jewel of your journey – the Shey La Pass. Each step on the ascent carries you closer to that coveted 5010-meter mark, the threshold to a world perched on the edge of the sky. Feel the air thin with excitement, your lungs burning with the effort, your soul tingling with the thrill of reaching for the heavens.

And then, you break through the veil of clouds, and the world explodes before you like a celestial canvas. Snow-capped peaks pierce the sapphire sky, their jagged silhouettes painted in silver and gold by the sun. Rolling valleys carpeted in emerald and gold stretch out to infinity, whispering tales of ancient winds and untouched wilderness. You stand there, at the pinnacle of the Shey La Pass, feeling like you’ve conquered the world, like you’ve touched the face of God.

The moment is yours to savor, etched forever in your memory. Snap photos, but know that no camera can capture the sheer audacity of this landscape, the raw beauty that makes your heart sing and your breath catch in your throat. Let the wind whip through your hair, a celestial brushstroke painting on your skin the memory of this sacred place.

But the day holds more adventures. Your descent becomes a dance through a tapestry of ever-changing scenery. Barren slopes give way to emerald valleys, dotted with yaks grazing on the windswept plains. Traditional stone houses cluster together, smoke curling from their chimneys, whispering stories of a simpler life lived in harmony with the mountains.

Finally, Namgung welcomes you into its embrace. This remote village, nestled amidst the peaks, offers a haven of warmth and hospitality. As you settle in for the night, the echoes of your day resonate within you – the exhilarating climb, the breathtaking views, the quiet whispers of the mountains. It’s a feeling of accomplishment, of connection with nature and with yourself, a memory that will forever illuminate your path.

Today’s trek is a dance of ascents and descents, a waltz with the Namgung Khola, your path a silver ribbon snaking through the high alpine landscape. The air hums with anticipation, your boots finding their rhythm on the trail, each step a brushstroke painting your day with adventure.

But this journey is not just about the path. It’s about the faces you meet along the way. Sun-kissed cheeks creased by smiles, eyes twinkling with the wisdom of mountains, the local people you encounter are living tapestries of warmth and resilience. A friendly greeting here, a shared joke there, these fleeting moments weave themselves into the fabric of your day, adding threads of human connection to the breathtaking scenery.

The landscape itself is a spectacle, a kaleidoscope of greens and browns painted by meadows and rocky outcrops. Snow-capped peaks rise like celestial sentinels, their jagged silhouettes piercing the clear blue sky. Golden eagles cry out from hidden nests, their piercing calls echoing through the valleys, punctuating the silence with a wild symphony.

Every moment is an entertainment, a feast for the senses. Wildflowers paint the meadows with vibrant hues, their delicate petals whispering secrets in the wind. The gurgling Namgung Khola sings its own song, a tireless melody accompanying your steps. And above it all, the vast expanse of the sky stretches like an endless canvas, painted with fluffy clouds that drift like celestial sheep.

The hours melt away as you walk, the rhythm of your steps lulling you into a meditative state. Each bend in the trail unveils a new surprise, a hidden waterfall tumbling down a rock face, a lone yak grazing on a distant slope. These small moments, like brushstrokes on a masterpiece, become the treasures you collect along the way.

Finally, as the sun dips below the horizon, casting the mountains in shades of orange and purple, you arrive at Karang. This quaint village, nestled in the embrace of the valley, welcomes you with open arms and crackling fires. As you settle in for the night, the echoes of the day reverberate within you – the smiles, the scenery, the quiet whispers of the mountains. Tomorro

Fueling your spirit with breakfast, you set off on another day steeped in the magic of the Himalayas. Today’s journey is a symphony of descents and ascents, a river song sung by your boots as they trace the path. The air hums with the anticipation of new landscapes and fresh adventures.

First, the trail dives down to Torak Sumdo, the valley floor opening up like a welcoming embrace. Breathe in the scent of wildflowers and feel the sun warm your skin as you navigate the verdant valley, your steps echoing a quiet peace. But the mountains beckon once more, and soon you find yourself climbing towards Yanger Gompa, perched at 3750 meters like a watchful guardian.

From this celestial vantage point, the world unfolds before you like a breathtaking tapestry. Emerald valleys ripple beneath snow-capped peaks, the distant horizon painted with the soft hues of the sky. Take a moment to savor the panorama, let it etch itself onto your memory, a treasure to carry with you always.

But your journey continues. The meandering river becomes your companion, its gurgling melody a constant rhythm guiding your steps. The trail unfolds alongside its banks, a ribbon of adventure leading you deeper into the wilderness. Keep your eyes peeled, for with a bit of luck, you might see a yak caravan lumbering along the path, their shaggy forms an ancient emblem of this high-altitude world.

With each step, the altitude ascends, and soon you find yourself nearing Mugaon. This quaint village, nestled amidst the mountains, offers a welcoming haven after another day on the trail. Settle in for the night, the crackling fire warming your soul and the echoes of the river lulling you to sleep. Tomorrow, new mountains rise on the horizon, promising further adventures and breathtaking vistas.

Breakfast fuels your spirit as you set off on a day that promises both humbling depths and exhilarating heights. The trail dips and dives, plunging you into the verdant embrace of the Mugoan valley before setting your sights on the crown jewel of your journey – the Mushi La, a sky-piercing gateway at 5030 meters.

Imagine yourself descending into the lush valley, the cool air and whispering leaves caressing your skin. The gurgling of the Mugoan River becomes your rhythmic companion, its crystal-clear water reflecting the verdant tapestry of the mountains above. Breathe in the scent of wildflowers and pine needles, a bouquet of the Himalayas distilled into a single breath.

But the mountains call your name, and soon you find yourself embarking on the ascent to the Mushi La. The air thins, your muscles burn, but your spirit soars with each step. Feel the wind whip through your hair, taste the tang of snow on the air, and let the panorama that unfolds before you steal your breath away.

From the Mushi La, the world seems to stretch on forever. Snow-capped peaks pierce the endless blue sky, their jagged forms painted in shades of silver and gold by the sun. Emerald valleys ripple beneath your gaze, like a forgotten secret whispered on the wind. This is a landscape woven from ancient dreams, a place where the human spirit feels humbled and awed by the immensity of nature.

But the journey continues. With a sigh of satisfaction, you begin the descent towards Shimen village. The trail carves its way through a tapestry of ever-changing scenery, barren slopes giving way to fertile meadows and clusters of traditional stone houses. The warmth of the Yak people, etched in their sun-kissed faces and twinkling eyes, welcomes you into their embrace.

Finally, Shimen village unfolds before you, a haven at the foot of the mountains. As you settle in for the night, the echoes of your day dance in your memory – the lush depths of the valley, the exhilarating climb to the Mushi La, the breathtaking vista from the summit, and the welcoming warmth of Shimen. Tomorrow, with renewed spirit and a heart full of memories, you’ll venture further, each step a promise whispered by the whispering peaks.

Today’s trek is a hymn to the Himalayas, a relentless song of breathtaking beauty played on the strings of your soul. Mountain vistas unfurl around you like an endless symphony, each bend in the trail revealing a new masterpiece painted in shades of snow, stone, and sky. Prepare to be humbled, to feel the vastness of nature pressing against your every step, a reminder of your place in this awe-inspiring landscape.

The trail becomes your prayer flag, winding through valleys and clinging to ridges, a vibrant ribbon against the canvas of eternity. The rushing river, your constant companion, sings its own epic ballad, carving through the wilderness with the tenacity of time. Breathe in the scent of pine needles and wildflowers, feel the wind whip through your hair, and soak in the raw, pristine energy that pulsates through the heart of the mountains.

You are truly in the middle of nowhere, not a lostness, but a liberation. This solitude is a gift, a space to connect with yourself and the untamed spirit of the Himalayas. Let the silence wash over you, punctuated only by the whispers of the wind and the rhythmic crunch of your boots on the earth.

The long trek to Pha, perched at 4090 meters, tests your mettle, but rewards you with every step. With each hairpin turn, the mountains unveil new secrets, their jagged peaks piercing the azure sky like celestial crowns. Gaze upon the endless horizon, where snow-capped giants dance with wispy clouds, and feel the immensity of nature fill your chest with a quiet awe.

Reach Pha, not as a conqueror, but as a student. Take a well-deserved rest, let the mountain air cleanse your lungs, and savor the silence, a language whispered in the rustling leaves and the gurgling stream. It is a moment of communion, a pause in the symphony of your journey, where you become one with the rhythm of the Himalayas.

Then, with renewed spirit, press on towards Tinje. The path may be long, but the anticipation of your destination fuels your steps. This village, nestled like a precious jewel amidst the mountains, promises warmth, comfort, and perhaps, a glimpse into the lives of those who call this wilderness home.

As you settle in for the night, the echoes of the day reverberate within you – the vastness of the mountains, the song of the river, the quiet magic of Pha. Tomorrow, with a heart full of wonder and muscles humming with the spirit of the trek, you’ll continue your odyssey, each step a brushstroke on the canvas of your Himalayan adventure.

Trekking to Rakpa at an altitude of 4530m is likely to offer breathtaking views and a unique cultural experience. The mention of a river and trail junction adds to the sense of adventure.

With breakfast fueling your spirit, you set your sights on the Chharka-La, a formidable pass perched at 4920 meters. The air thins with each step, your muscles burning with the effort, but the panorama stretching before you becomes your reward. Snow-capped peaks pierce the cerulean sky, their jagged profiles painted in ethereal hues of silver and gold. This is a landscape born of ancient dreams, a place where the human spirit feels humbled and awed by the immensity of nature.

The descent from the pass is a dance through a tapestry of ever-changing scenery. Barren slopes give way to emerald valleys dotted with yaks grazing on the windswept plains. Traditional stone houses peek from amidst the folds of the mountains, their windows flickering with the promise of warmth and welcome. Breathe in the scent of pine needles and wildflowers, a delicate perfume woven by the mountain breeze.

As you navigate the side of the valley, a hidden treasure unfolds – a verdant valley lying at 4290 meters. This secluded world, cradled by towering peaks, feels like a secret whispered by the wind. Imagine wildflowers painting the meadows in vibrant hues, a gurgling stream singing its own ancient song, and the whisper of prayer flags fluttering in the wind. Savor this moment, a pocket of serenity tucked away in the heart of the Himalayas.

Then, the long traverse begins, your boots tracing a path down towards the picturesque village of Chharka. This small hamlet, nestled on the banks of the Barbung Kola at 4120 meters, is a feast for the senses. Its closely-built, white-washed dwellings, medieval in their charm, whisper tales of a timeless way of life. The air hums with the quiet murmur of the river and the scent of yak dung fires, while the watchful gaze of Sarchhen Gompa, the Bonpo monastery, adds a touch of spirituality to the scene.

As you settle in for the night, the echoes of your day resonate within you – the exhilarating climb to the Chharka-La, the breathtaking panoramas, the hidden valley’s quiet magic, and the welcoming embrace of Chharka. Tomorrow, this enchanting village invites you to explore its hidden corners, to connect with its people and traditions, and to soak in the timeless beauty of the Himalayas.

Ah, the trail offers choices today! Here are two possible narratives for your trek, depending on whether you choose Sumdo or Norbulung for the night:

Option 1: Seeking Serenity in Sumdo

Your boots trace the path alongside the Chharka Khola, its gurgling melody a constant companion. The crisp mountain air invigorates your senses, while the towering peaks flanking the valley paint a majestic backdrop for your journey. Soon, you reach the intersection with the Thansan Khola, its icy waters rushing forth from a hidden passage in the mountains. A quaint little bridge, weathered by time and countless footsteps, offers a narrow passage across the churning river.

Just beyond the bridge lies Sumdo, a campsite nestled in a quiet corner of the valley. Here, the rush of the Thansan Khola softens into a gentle murmur, inviting you to rest and soak in the serenity. Pitch your tent amidst the fragrant pines, let the campfire’s warmth chase away the evening chill, and gaze up at the star-studded canvas of the night sky. If you choose to linger in Sumdo, this haven offers a respite from the trail, a chance to connect with the whispers of the mountains and the rhythm of nature.

Option 2: Embracing Adventure in Norbulung

Continuing on from the bridge, your feet find their rhythm on the east bank of the Thansan Khola. The trail, carved into the mountainside, offers breathtaking views of the valley unfolding below. Jagged peaks pierce the azure sky, their snow-capped crowns shimmering in the afternoon sun. Golden eagles soar overhead, their piercing cries echoing through the canyons. Every bend in the path unveils a new surprise, a hidden waterfall cascading down a rocky face, a herd of yaks grazing on the emerald slopes.

As the sun dips towards the horizon, painting the mountains in shades of orange and purple, you arrive at Norbulung. This campsite, tucked away amidst a grove of juniper trees, promises a night of adventure under the stars. Imagine the crackle of the campfire, the stories whispered around its warmth, and the thrill of sleeping beneath the infinite starry vault. If you choose Norbulung, this hidden gem offers a taste of the untamed spirit of the Himalayas, a chance to experience the magic of a night spent beneath the watchful gaze of the mountains.

No matter which choice you make, the evening holds the promise of quiet contemplation and the anticipation of what the next day’s adventure will bring. Remember, the journey is as much about the path you choose as it is about the destination itself. So, open your heart to the wonders that surround you, and let the mountains guide your steps towards a night filled with memories to cherish.

With breakfast fueling your spirit, you embark on a climb that challenges both your muscles and your lungs. The trail ascends to a yak pasture at Molum Sumna, perched at 4860 meters. Imagine yourself surrounded by the gentle moos of yaks, their shaggy forms grazing on the windswept slopes. Breathe in the thin air, feel the sun warm your skin, and savor the panoramic vistas that unfold around you – snow-capped giants dancing with wispy clouds, emerald valleys carved by ancient glaciers, and the endless horizon painted in shades of celestial blue.

But the sky beckons further. Pressing on, you reach a crest at 5130 meters, a vantage point where the world seems to stretch on forever. Imagine standing atop a windswept throne, the panorama of the Himalayas laid bare before you like a sacred tapestry. Feel the raw power of nature coursing through your veins, the silence ringing in your ears a hymn to the majesty of the mountains.

Then, the trail transforms into a long, undulating traverse across meadows. Imagine wildflowers painting the canvas of your journey in vibrant hues, the scent of alpine flora carried on the gentle breeze. Listen to the gurgling of hidden streams, watch marmots darting between rocks, and let the vastness of the meadows fill you with a sense of serene solitude.

But the ultimate challenge awaits – the Sangda La, a formidable gateway perched at 5460 meters. The final climb is long and steep, a test of your stamina and determination. Each step becomes a prayer, each breath a whispered echo of the mountain’s spirit. But with every muscle screaming, every corner turned, the anticipation builds, fueling your ascent.

And then, you stand there, at the summit of the Sangda La. The world melts away, replaced by an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and awe. Snow-capped peaks pierce the endless sky, their jagged contours painted in gold and silver by the sun. The wind whispers secrets in your ear, tales of ancient giants and untamed wilderness. This is a moment etched in eternity, a memory that will forever burn bright in your soul.

But the day is not yet done. Your descent becomes a waltz with switchbacks, each turn revealing new vistas, new layers of this mesmerizing landscape. Finally, you arrive at your campsite, nestled beside a gurgling stream at 5100 meters. As you pitch your tent under the star-studded sky, the echoes of your day reverberate within you – the challenging climb, the breathtaking panoramas, the quiet magic of the meadows, and the triumphant ascent to the Sangda La. Tomorrow, a new valley awaits, with its own secrets and challenges, but for now, surrender to the peace of Sangda Phedi, knowing that you have conquered both the mountain and yourself.

With the familiar warmth of breakfast fueling your spirit, you set off on the final leg of your Himalayan odyssey. Today, the Dhagarjun beckons, a gateway etched by the winds and whispered upon by legends. The trail unfolds before you, a ribbon of adventure snaking through the mountains, promising both physical challenges and breathtaking revelations.

Prepare for a day that dances with ascents and descents, a rhythmic push and pull against the mountainside. Nine ridges stand like sentinels, each one a hurdle to overcome, a test of your endurance and determination. But with each crest conquered, the world expands, offering panoramas that paint your memory with hues of emerald valleys, snow-capped peaks, and the endless blue sky.

Feel the crunch of earth beneath your boots, the burn in your muscles, the rhythm of your breath mingling with the song of the wind. Let the sun warm your skin as you navigate the slopes, and listen to the stories whispered by the ancient rocks. Each bend in the trail is a surprise, a hidden waterfall cascading down a moss-covered cliff, a herd of yaks grazing on the windswept plains, a prayer flag fluttering in the breeze, carrying its blessings on the air.

But the journey is not just about the path. It’s about the moments etched in your memory, the connections you forge with fellow travelers, and the sense of accomplishment that grows with each step. Share a smile with a local herder, savor a cup of yak butter tea in a humble teahouse, and let the stories of this land wash over you like the gurgling of the Kali Gandaki River.

Finally, after the last ridge is crossed, the landscape opens up like a celestial tapestry. The Kaligandaki Valley, carved by time and the relentless flow of the river, unfolds before you in all its majestic splendor. And nestled amidst the emerald embrace of the valley lies Dhagarjun, your destination, a village steeped in tradition and welcoming you with open arms.

As you settle in for the night, the echoes of your day resonate within you – the challenge of the ridges, the breathtaking panoramas, the warmth of human connection, and the quiet satisfaction of reaching your goal. Tomorrow, you’ll explore the hidden corners of Dhagarjun, learn about its rich history and vibrant culture, and perhaps even dip your toes in the sacred waters of the Kali Gandaki. But for now, let the peace of Dhagarjun envelop you, knowing that you have crossed the threshold, not just of a place, but of an experience that will forever illuminate your path.

With the dawn painting the mountains in a rosy glow, you set off on your final day, a pilgrimage not just to Jomsom, but back to the tapestry of “civilization” that the Annapurna Circuit weaves its way through. Your boots beat a familiar rhythm on the earth, tracing the path south, a farewell song to the majestic wilderness behind you.

The wind sings tales of past adventures in your ears as you navigate the landscape, each bend in the trail a silent reminder of the challenges conquered and the breathtaking vistas that etched themselves onto your soul. Look back, and see the ridges you crossed, the valleys you descended, the rivers you befriended – a silent symphony of memories composed by your own tireless spirit.

Soon, the long, cobbled path emerges, a bridge between solitude and bustling life. Jomsom rises on the horizon, a kaleidoscope of whitewashed houses, bustling streets, and the comforting hum of activity. The warmth of welcome wafts from teahouses, the aroma of yak butter tea mingling with the scent of freshly baked bread.

For a moment, stand at the threshold, feet resting on the cobblestones that have carried countless adventurers before you. Breathe in the air, a mix of mountain freshness and the familiar tang of humanity. Savor this transition, this bittersweet passage from the untamed symphony of the Himalayas to the gentle hum of “civilization.”

Then, step into Jomsom, your boots clicking a victory march on the cobblestones. Let the warmth of the town embrace you, the laughter of children, the chatter of locals, the friendly greetings a balm to your tired muscles. Celebrate the near-end of your trek, raise a toast to the mountains that tested and rewarded you, and share stories with fellow travelers, their eyes lit with the same fire that burns in your own soul.

Explore the vibrant streets, soak in the rich culture of the Thakali people, and perhaps climb up to the iconic Yak Airport, a testament to the indomitable spirit of humankind. In Jomsom, you’ll find both a sense of accomplishment and a touch of nostalgia. The mountains will whisper their farewell in the wind, promising to hold on to the memories woven into their slopes until you return.

As you settle in for the night, Jomsom’s gentle hum lulls you to sleep. Tomorrow, you return to the world beyond the mountains, carrying a backpack full of souvenirs, a heart brimming with memories, and a soul etched with the magic of the Himalayas. This journey wasn’t just about reaching Jomsom, it was about discovering the strength within, the beauty of the earth, and the magic of connecting with yourself and the world around you.

The scenic morning flight from Jomsom to Pokhara isn’t just transportation, it’s a grand finale. Board the small aircraft, a mechanical butterfly poised to take flight amongst the giants. As the propellers churn and your heart quickens, the ground falls away, revealing a panorama worthy of an angel’s gaze.

The morning sky, cleansed by the night’s chill, stretches above you like an endless dome of crystal blue. Jagged peaks pierce the heavens, their snow-capped crowns shimmering like scattered diamonds. Each bend in the flight unveils a new masterpiece – glaciers clinging to the mountainsides, emerald valleys carved by ancient rivers, and the mesmerizing flow of the Kali Gandaki cutting through the heart of the landscape.

Feel the sun warm your skin as you fly alongside Annapurna I, its majestic profile a silent titan guarding the world. Imagine gazing down upon Phewa Lake, a jewel nestled amidst the mountains, its turquoise surface reflecting the azure sky. Breathe in the thin air, a final taste of the mountain’s intoxicating purity, and savor the symphony of sights and sounds that nature orchestrates above the clouds.

The 35-minute flight passes in a flurry of awe and reflection. Each glimpse of familiar landmarks evokes memories of the trek, the challenges overcome, the friendships forged, and the lessons learned. With a gentle bump, the plane touches down in Pokhara, a haven of lakeside serenity welcoming you back to the embrace of civilization.

The sun paints the peaks with a golden goodbye as you depart Pokhara at 7:30 AM. Settle into your riverside seat on the comfortable tourist coach, anticipation tingling in your heart. The left side, you remember, promises the best views, and you yearn to soak in every last drop of this Himalayan farewell.

As the bus rolls forward, the Trisuli River becomes your constant companion. Its turquoise waters surge and frolic beside you, a ribbon of wild energy snaking through the heart of the landscape. Watch groups of intrepid rafters test their mettle on the rapids, their laughter echoing amidst the roar of the water. Villages dot the riverbanks, like colorful beads strung onto a glistening thread. Farmers till their fields, women wash clothes in the river, children wave with infectious smiles – glimpses of rural life unfolding before your eyes.

The road twists and turns, carving its way through lush valleys and along dramatic cliffs. Towering mountains keep watch, their snow-capped peaks shimmering in the distance. Every bend unveils a new vista, a waterfall cascading down a moss-covered wall, a bridge arched over a rushing stream, a field of wildflowers painted in vibrant hues. Breathe in the fresh mountain air, a final taste of the Himalayas’ purity, and let the scenery wash over you, a feast for the soul.

After around 6-7 hours, the familiar skyline of Kathmandu appears on the horizon. A mix of excitement and nostalgia washes over you. You’ve reached your destination, but a part of you still lingers on the mountain paths, amidst the whispering pines and the gurgling streams.

With grateful hearts and memories etched in stone, we bid farewell to Nepal and Adventure Land Nepal. As you settle into your transport to the airport, a bittersweet sigh mingles with the thrill of returning home. The mountains whisper their final goodbyes, promising to hold onto your stories until we meet again.

On behalf of Adventure Land Nepal Travels, I want to extend our deepest thanks for choosing us as your guide through this epic adventure. We feel honored to have been a part of your journey, to have witnessed your strength, and to have shared in the magic of the Himalayas with you.

As you take flight, carrying the weight of memories and the lightness of a changed perspective, we hope you’ll keep Adventure Land Nepal Travels in your heart. We look forward to seeing you again, perhaps on another mountain trail, another whispered adventure. Until then, may the spirit of the Himalayas guide your steps and inspire your dreams.

Cost Details

  • What is Included
  • Full board meal during camping, prepared by our cook with Tea & coffee.
  • Tented accommodation and equipments during the camping trek. (You will provided water proof two men tents, dining tents, kitchen gears, dining table, chairs, toilet tents, shower tent etc.)
  • A local government license holder Trekking Guide during the trek., a cook, required number of porters, their food, accommodation, salary, insurance, equipments, medicine.
  • Boiled and purify drinking water for the trek.
  • All trekking permits & fees.
  • Surface Transfer to and from Kathmandu.
  • All our government taxes.
  • What is Excluded
  • Lunch and dinner whilst in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  • Your travel insurance (compulsory).
  • International airfare and airport departure tax.
  • Nepal entry visa fee (US$ 30 per person) you obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport Kathmandu for 60 days from date of issue.You will require 2 passport size photos.
  • Items of a personal nature such as alcoholic drinks, cold drinks, laundry.
  • Personal trekking Equipments.
  • Tips for trekking staff and driver. (Tipping is expected.)
  • Any others expenses which are not mentioned on Price Includes section.
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    Useful Info

    The Upper Dolpo trek, nestled in the remote reaches of western Nepal, promises an adventure like no other. It’s a journey into a hidden Himalayan kingdom, where ancient Buddhist traditions flourish amidst breathtaking landscapes and untouched wilderness. Before you embark on this extraordinary expedition, here’s some crucial information to ensure your trek is unforgettable:

    Permits and Regulations:

    • Upper Dolpo lies within a restricted area. Securing special permits (Lower Dolpo Restricted Area Permit, Shey Phoksundo National Park Permit, and Dolpo Development Fund Fee) is mandatory.
    • Trekking alone is prohibited; hire a licensed guide familiar with the region and its customs.

    Best Season:

    • September to November boasts clear skies, comfortable temperatures, and vibrant autumn colors.
    • Spring (March-May) offers pleasant weather but with higher chances of rain.
    • Avoid winter (December-February) due to extreme cold and potential for snowstorms.

    Physical Fitness:

    • The trek presents significant challenges, with high altitudes exceeding 5,400 meters and demanding ascents through rugged terrain.
    • Consistent training with a focus on cardio and leg strength is crucial.
    • Acclimatization treks in lower altitudes are highly recommended.

    Essential Gear:

    • Invest in sturdy hiking boots, warm and waterproof clothing for unpredictable weather, a comfortable backpack, and trekking poles.
    • Don’t forget sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, gloves, and a warm sleeping bag.

    Trek Route and Highlights:

    • The classic route starts at Juphal and ventures through dramatic landscapes, encountering ancient villages, crossing high passes like Kang La and Jyangta La, and culminating at the serene Shey Phoksundo Lake.
    • Prepare for diverse encounters, from Tibetan Buddhist monasteries to nomadic yak herders and breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks.

    Accommodation and Food:

    • Tea houses offer basic but comfortable accommodation along the route.
    • Local meals are typically simple but filling. Be prepared for limited menu options, especially regarding dietary restrictions.

    Cost and Local Currency:

    • Budget for permit fees, guide and porter costs, food, accommodation, and transportation.
    • Carry Nepali Rupees for local expenses, as ATMs are scarce in the region.

    Local Culture and Etiquette:

    • Respect local customs and traditions, dress modestly, and avoid littering.
    • Learn basic Nepali phrases to connect with the locals and enhance your experience.

    Safety and Security:

    • Heed weather warnings and be prepared for sudden changes in conditions.
    • Inform your trekking agency and local authorities about your itinerary and expected return date.
    • Pack basic first-aid supplies and medications.

    Beyond the Trek:

    • Explore the nearby Shey Phoksundo National Park, a haven for endangered wildlife and stunning scenery.
    • Visit the ancient monasteries of Shey Gompa and Dzong Ri, immersing yourself in the region’s rich Buddhist heritage.
    • Extend your journey to Lower Dolpo and discover hidden valleys and ancient villages untouched by time.


    • The Upper Dolpo trek is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Embrace the challenges, appreciate the cultural encounter, and soak in the raw beauty of this remote Himalayan realm.
    • Leave no trace, respect the environment, and come prepared for an adventure that will forever etch itself in your memory.

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