Nepal Exotic Tour Package 13 days

Nepal Exotic Tour Package 13 days

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3210 M.


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Min. 02 Pax

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5-6 Hours


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Mar-May & Sep-Nov


Nepal Exotic Tour



  • Historical Sites: Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple), Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, and Kathmandu Durbar Square, showcasing ancient architecture and rich culture.
  • Thamel: A bustling neighborhood known for its vibrant markets, shops, restaurants, and a hub for travelers.
  • Patan Durbar Square: Visit this ancient palace complex in the nearby city of Patan, featuring stunning Newari architecture and intricate carvings.
  • Garden of Dreams: A peaceful oasis in the heart of the city, perfect for relaxation and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.
  • Pokhara:
  • Phewa Lake: Enjoy boating on this tranquil lake with the stunning Annapurna mountain range reflecting on its surface.
  • Sarangkot: Catch breathtaking sunrise and sunset views over the Himalayas from this vantage point.
  • World Peace Pagoda: A symbol of peace offering panoramic views of Pokhara and the mountains.
  • Gupteshwor Cave: Explore this limestone cave with impressive stalactites and a hidden waterfall.Chitwan:
  • Chitwan National Park: Embark on jungle safaris, elephant rides, and jeep excursions to spot diverse wildlife including rhinos, tigers, elephants, and various bird species.
  • Tharu Culture: Immerse yourself in the local Tharu culture, known for their unique traditions, dances, and lifestyle.
  • Canoeing: Enjoy a canoe ride on the Rapti River while observing wildlife on the riverbanks.Ghorepani Trek:
  • Panoramic Views: Experience stunning panoramic views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges from viewpoints like Poon Hill.
  • Rhododendron Forests: Trek through lush forests of colorful rhododendron flowers (especially in spring), adding a vibrant touch to your journey.
  • Ghorepani Village: Experience the local hospitality in this charming village and interact with the indigenous Gurung community.
  • Natural Hot Springs: After the trek, relax in natural hot springs at Jhinu Danda to soothe your muscles.
  • Local Culture: Gain insights into the rural lifestyle, culture, and traditions of the people living in the foothills of the Himalayas

Nepal Exotic Tour Overview

Nepal Exotic Tour Package – an exhilarating blend of discovery, city sightseeing, nature tour, Himalayan adventure and wildlife exploration, all wrapped into one extraordinary journey. This meticulously crafted package offers an opportunity to experience the best of Nepal through captivating city tours, an enchanting trek, and an unforgettable wildlife safari.

Our trip package is a testament to our understanding of the traveler’s desires. We recognize the fascination to embrace the multifaceted beauty of Nepal – the desire to delve into its culture, conquer its trails, and witness its diverse wildlife, all within a single immersive experience.

By amalgamating these unique elements into a single itinerary, we eliminate the need for multiple trips, enabling travelers to quench their thirst for exploration comprehensively. While Nepal boasts countless alluring destinations, our package showcases the crème de la crème.

Kathmandu Valley: Embark on a journey through time in the culturally rich streets of Kathmandu. Uncover ancient wonders at every corner, from revered stupas to intricate temples.

Pokhara City: Set against the backdrop of serene lakes and majestic mountains, Pokhara is a haven of tranquility. Explore its allure, soak in the panoramic views, and let the magic of this lakeside city captivate you.

Chitwan National Park: Immerse yourself in the wild heart of Nepal. Venture into Chitwan’s lush jungles for an extraordinary safari experience, encountering the diverse wildlife that calls this sanctuary home. It has some special package safari tour starts from 3 days Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour, 4 days Chitwan Jungle Safari tour with small hiking and 1 night 2 days short trip for Elephant Back Safari and bird watching tour.

Ghorepani Poon Hill: Ascend the heights of adventure as you trek through the mesmerizing Annapurna region. Conquer trails that lead to the famed Poon Hill, where sunrise unveils a breathtaking panorama of Himalayan peaks.

Our Nepal Exotic Tour Package is more than just a journey – it’s an opportunity to embrace Nepal’s splendor in its entirety. From the vibrant tapestry of Kathmandu’s history to the tranquil shores of Pokhara, the untamed wilderness of Chitwan, and the summit of Poon Hill, each facet of this journey is a story waiting to be lived. Join us as we present Nepal in all its exotic glory.

Detail Itinerary

Upon arrival at Kathmandu International Airport (KTM), you will be warmly received by our company representative.
This will be a traditional welcome garland, a symbol of Nepali hospitality.

Then transfer to your pre-booked hotel in Kathmandu. During the drive, our representative will provide you with a brief overview of Nepal, its culture, and your upcoming trip itinerary.

Upon reaching the hotel, you will have time to check-in and freshen up.
Our tour officer will then meet you at your convenience to provide a comprehensive briefing about your trip package.
He or She briefs the detailed information about your daily activities, sightseeing tours, transportation arrangements, accommodation details, and emergency contact information.

Pashupatinath Temple: This famous, sacred Hindu temple & cremation site on the riverbank was rebuilt in the 15th century.

Boudhanath Stupa: Buddhist place of worship featuring a sizable white dome topped with a towering, golden spire.

Swoyambhu Monastery: A very old religious site, this Buddhist complex has an iconic stupa, temples & many shrines.

Patan Darbar Square: Museum in a former royal palace housing Hindu & Buddhist sculptures & other cultural artifacts.

The journey from Kathmandu to Pokhara is approximately 200 kilometers and takes around 6-8 hours, depending on the mode of transportation and road conditions. The route offers beautiful scenery and glimpses of rural life in Nepal.

Morning: Drive from Pokhara to Ulleri
Start Early: Begin your day early in the morning after having breakfast in Pokhara.

Drive to Ulleri: The drive from Pokhara to Ulleri takes approximately 3.5 hours. Enjoy the scenic views of the countryside and the Himalayan landscape during the drive.

Afternoon: Trek from Ulleri to Ghorepani
Lunch in Ulleri: Arrive in Ulleri and have lunch to energize yourself for the trek.

Begin the Trek: The trek from Ulleri to Ghorepani is about 4 hours, and it takes you through beautiful landscapes, including lush rhododendron forests and charming villages.

Himalayan Views: If the weather is clear, you might be treated to stunning views of the Himalayas along the way. Keep an eye out for peaks like Annapurna and Dhaulagiri.

Tea Houses: The trail is well-established with tea houses along the route where you can take short breaks, enjoy some local tea, and soak in the surroundings.

Evening: Arrival in Ghorepani
Check into Teahouse: Once you reach Ghorepani, check into a teahouse or lodge for the night. Ghorepani is a popular stop for trekkers, and there are accommodation options available.

Rest and Relax: After the trek, take some time to rest and relax. Enjoy the views and the cool mountain air.

Dinner: Have dinner at the teahouse, where you can try local Nepali dishes.

Early Morning: Poon Hill Sunrise Hike
Wake Up Early: Start your day early, preferably before sunrise.

Hike to Poon Hill: The hike to Poon Hill takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour from Ghorepani. The trail is well-marked, and it’s a popular spot to witness the sunrise over the Dhaulagiri Himalaya range.

Sunrise Views: Enjoy the breathtaking sunrise views, with the sun illuminating the snow-capped peaks of Dhaulagiri and other surrounding mountains.

Photography: Capture the stunning scenery and take some memorable photographs.

Morning: Back to Ghorepani and Breakfast
Descend to Ghorepani: After witnessing the sunrise, descend back to Ghorepani.

Breakfast: Have a hearty breakfast at Ghorepani. This will provide you with the energy needed for the trek ahead.

Midday to Afternoon: Trek to Ghandruk via Tadapani
Start Trekking: Begin your trek from Ghorepani to Ghandruk via Tadapani. The trail takes you through beautiful rhododendron forests, charming villages, and offers stunning mountain views.

Tadapani: Tadapani is another picturesque village along the way. Take a short break, enjoy the scenery, and perhaps have a cup of tea at one of the teahouses.

Continue Trekking: Resume your trek towards Ghandruk. The trail may include both ascents and descents, providing diverse landscapes.

Evening: Arrival in Ghandruk
Arrive in Ghandruk: Ghandruk is a traditional Gurung village known for its unique culture and hospitality. Arrive in Ghandruk in the evening.

Check into Teahouse: Find a comfortable teahouse or lodge to check into for the night.

Explore Ghandruk: Take some time to explore Ghandruk, visit local attractions, and interact with the friendly locals.

Dinner: Have dinner at the teahouse, enjoying local cuisine.

Morning: Ghandruk to Nayapul Trek
Breakfast: Start your day with a nutritious breakfast at the teahouse in Ghandruk.

Begin Descent: Begin your descent from Ghandruk to Nayapul. The trail descends through terraced fields, quaint villages, and lush forests.

Scenic Views: Enjoy the scenic views and take your time to soak in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Villages: Pass through small villages, interact with locals, and experience the traditional way of life in the Annapurna region.

Afternoon: Drive to Pokhara
Arrival in Nayapul: Reach Nayapul, where your trek officially concludes.

Transfer to Pokhara: From Nayapul, take a private vehicle or public transportation to reach your hotel in Pokhara. The drive typically takes around 1-2 hours, depending on the specific location of your hotel.

Check into Hotel: Upon reaching Pokhara, check into your hotel. Freshen up and relax after the trek.

Rest of the Day: Leisure in Pokhara
Explore Pokhara: Depending on your energy levels and time, you can explore Pokhara. Visit the Phewa Lake, stroll around Lakeside, or explore local markets.

Dinner in Pokhara: Have dinner at one of the local restaurants in Pokhara. Lakeside offers a variety of dining options.

Relax and Unwind: After the trek, take some time to relax, reflect on your trekking experience, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Pokhara.

Morning: Bindhyabasini Temple
Start Early: Begin your day by visiting Bindhyabasini Temple. It’s a sacred Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Bindhyabasini, and it offers a serene and spiritual atmosphere.

Puja (Worship): Participate in or observe the morning rituals and prayers at the temple. Enjoy panoramic views of Pokhara from the temple premises.

Late Morning: Seti Gorge
Visit Seti Gorge: Head to Seti Gorge, a natural wonder where the Seti River has carved impressive gorges in the limestone rocks. The view from the bridge is stunning, and you can witness the milky white river flowing below.
Afternoon: Davis Falls and Gupteswar Cave
Davis Falls: Proceed to Davis Falls, a unique waterfall that flows into an underground tunnel. Take a stroll around the area and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Gupteswar Cave: Explore Gupteswar Cave, located near Davis Falls. It’s a sacred cave with a natural Shiva Lingam. The cave has a mysterious and spiritual ambiance.

Late Afternoon: World Peace Pagoda
Visit World Peace Pagoda: Head to the World Peace Pagoda, situated on a hilltop overlooking Phewa Lake. This Buddhist stupa offers not only spiritual tranquility but also stunning views of the Annapurna Range and Pokhara city.

After breakfast, you will drive to Chitwan National Park from Pokhara Tourist Bus Park. The drive will take approximately 4 hours and 55 minutes and cover 165 km. You can see the directions on Google Maps.

Upon arrival in Chitwan, you will have lunch. In the late afternoon, you can choose to participate in one of the following activities:

Tharu village tour: Learn about the culture and traditions of the Tharu people, an indigenous group who live in the Chitwan region.
Elephant back safari: Take a ride on an elephant through the jungle and see some of the park’s wildlife, such as rhinos, tigers, and deer.
Jeep safari: Explore the park in a jeep and get off-the-beaten-path to see some of the less-visited areas.


Canoe Trip: Embark on a tranquil canoe ride along the Rapti River. Observe diverse birdlife and witness the lush flora and fauna of the Chitwan National Park.
Jungle Walk: Immerse yourself in the wilderness with a guided walk through the jungle. Learn about the various plant and animal species that inhabit the region and experience the sights and sounds of the natural world.

Choose one of the following:
Elephant Back Safari: Embark on a thrilling elephant-back adventure through the jungle. Spot rhinos, deer, and other wildlife while enjoying the unique perspective this traditional mode of transportation offers.
Jeep Safari: Explore the park’s diverse landscapes in a comfortable jeep. Venture deeper into the jungle and uncover hidden animal trails and scenic viewpoints.
Elephant Breeding Center: Visit the Elephant Breeding Center and learn about the conservation efforts to protect these majestic creatures. Observe baby elephants playing and get information about their breeding and care programs.


Tharu Cultural Program: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the Tharu people with a traditional dance performance. Witness their unique costumes, music, and dance styles, gaining a deeper understanding of their heritage and traditions.


Wake Up Early: Begin your day with a refreshing cup of tea or coffee as the sun rises over the Chitwan National Park.
Bird Watching Tour: Embark on an exciting bird watching tour through the park’s diverse habitats. With the assistance of a knowledgeable guide, spot a variety of colorful and exotic birds, from cranes and eagles to storks and kingfishers.
Return to Resort: After your invigorating bird watching experience, return to the resort for a delicious breakfast.

Departure to Kathmandu: Around 9:30 AM, board your chosen mode of transportation, either a comfortable tourist bus or a private vehicle. Begin your journey back to Kathmandu, the bustling capital city of Nepal.

Exploring Bhaktapur and Nagarkot

Traditional Bhaktapur Newari City: After breakfast, embark on an exciting journey to the ancient city of Bhaktapur. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and unique Newari culture.
Durbar Square: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Durbar Square, the heart of Bhaktapur. Marvel at the intricate carvings and majestic temples that showcase the remarkable craftsmanship of the Newari people. Be sure to visit iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate, the Fifty-Five Window Palace, and the Nyatapola Temple.
Lunch: Savor a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, indulging in traditional Newari cuisine.

Drive to Nagarkot: As the afternoon progresses, embark on a scenic drive towards the hilltop village of Nagarkot. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Himalayas as you ascend the winding roads.
Sunset View: Arrive at Nagarkot just in time to witness the mesmerizing spectacle of the sun setting over the majestic Himalayas. Capture stunning panoramic views and soak in the serenity of the moment.
Dinner: Enjoy a warm dinner at a restaurant in Nagarkot, surrounded by the breathtaking mountain scenery.

Drive Back to Kathmandu: After a memorable experience in Nagarkot, relax on the drive back to Kathmandu. Reflect on the day’s discoveries and appreciate the beauty of Nepal’s historical and natural wonders.

Option 1: Relaxation Day

Enjoy a spa treatment: Treat yourself to a relaxing massage or spa treatment at one of Kathmandu’s many excellent spa centers. Let the professionals soothe your tired muscles and help you unwind.

Visit the Garden of Dreams: Spend an afternoon strolling through the serene Garden of Dreams, a beautiful botanical garden located in the heart of Kathmandu. Relax amidst the lush greenery, enjoy the tranquility, and soak in the peaceful atmosphere.

Indulge in a delicious meal: Savor a delicious Nepali meal at one of the many restaurants in Thamel. Try some of the local specialties like momos, dal bhat, and yak cheese.

Get a good night’s sleep: After a long day, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep to recharge your batteries. Relax in your hotel room and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Option 2: Shopping Day

Explore Thamel: Thamel is Kathmandu’s vibrant tourist district, known for its bustling streets, souvenir shops, and local handicrafts. Wander through the narrow alleys, browse through unique souvenirs, and bargain with the friendly shopkeepers.

Visit Durbar Square: Durbar Square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the heart of Kathmandu. Here you’ll find beautiful temples, intricate carvings, and traditional Nepali architecture. Explore the various shops selling souvenirs, jewelry, and religious items.

Discover Tibetan handicraft shops: Immerse yourself in the vibrant Tibetan culture by visiting one of the many Tibetan handicraft shops in

Kathmandu. Find unique souvenirs like hand-woven rugs, prayer wheels, and colorful prayer flags.

Treat yourself to a traditional Nepali outfit: Take home a piece of Nepal by purchasing a traditional Nepali outfit. Choose from a variety of colorful dresses, jackets, and pants that reflect the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Enjoy a rooftop dinner: End your shopping day with a delicious meal at one of Kathmandu’s many rooftop restaurants. Savor the breathtaking views of the city while enjoying a variety of cuisines.

As your adventure comes to an end, our representative will meet you at your hotel and transfer you to Kathmandu International Airport in time for your departure flight.

Cost Details

  • What is Included
  • Airport Transfers - Pick and Drop
  • Accommodation with Breakfast in Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • Chitwan National park fee and All Jungle Activities
  • Full Board Package - Chitwan National Park - Resort, all meals 3 times
  • City tours in Kathmandu and Pokhara by Private vehicles
  • Kathmandu to Pokhara to Chitwan and Chitwan to Kathmandu by Tourist Coach
  • Tour Entrance Fees and Tour Guide
  • Trekking permit for Annapurna Region - Ghorepani and Poon Hill Trails
  • Trekking Guide and his insurance, meals and accommodations
  • Accommodation and Meals for Clients 3 times in a day
  • Transportation to and from in trek
  • Annapurna Area Conservation fees and TIMS Card
  • What is Excluded
  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • Alcoholic drinks during all trip of Nepal
  • International flight ticket and Nepal Visa fees
  • Travel insurance and any rescue helicopter flight if requires
  • Flight delayed, Land sliding on the way or other natural disasters, bad weather coditions
  • Personal Expenditure or if fully changes an itineraries
  • Tips for Guide, Porter or Driver
  • Laundry, Cell phone charges in Trek, hot water etc
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    Best Time to Visit:

    Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to early December): Ideal times due to mild temperatures, clear skies, lush greenery, and vibrant landscapes.

    Winter (late December to February): Crisp air and snow-capped mountains offer a unique experience.

    Summer (June to August): Warm with lush vegetation but can be affected by monsoon rains.

    Trip Difficulty:

    Relaxing and Easy-going: Suitable for all fitness levels, including children and the elderly.

    Guided Experience: Having an experienced local guide ensures a smooth and enjoyable journey.

    Safety Tips:

    Research: Check for health or safety warnings and take necessary precautions.

    Reputable Tour Company: Choose an experienced and reputable travel company for visiting Chitwan National Park.

    Appropriate Clothing: Pack layers and waterproof items due to unpredictable weather.

    Respect Local Customs: Familiarize yourself with local laws, customs, and dress codes.

    Additional Suggestions:

    Photography: Bring a good camera to capture the stunning landscapes and cultural sites.

    Local Cuisine: Explore and enjoy the local Nepali cuisine during your trip.

    Cultural Respect: Be respectful of local traditions, customs, and dress codes, especially in religious sites.

    Ghorepani Trek useful information

    The Ghorepani Poonhill Trek is considered a moderately easy trek, making it suitable for a wide range of travelers, including families with children. Here are some details and considerations regarding the difficulty level and preparation for the trek:

    Difficulty Level:

    Moderately Easy: The trek is generally manageable for all kinds of travelers.

    Family-Friendly: Suitable for families with children (warm clothes are essential for winter treks).

    Starting from Ghandruk:

    Customized Plans: It’s possible to start the trek from Ghandruk, and tour operators often offer customized plans to accommodate specific preferences.


    Anyone Can Do It: While the trek is considered moderately easy, it is recommended for individuals who are physically fit.

    Recommended Gears:

    Basic Gear: One warm jacket, hiking pants, t-shirts, and proper trekking shoes are essential.

    Consider Hiking Poles: If you face any walking difficulties, carrying hiking poles can be beneficial.

    Gear List: Refer to a trekker’s gear list for Ghorepani Trek provided by the tour operator for specific recommendations.


    Variable Temperatures: The temperatures can vary based on the season and altitude.

    Check Nepal Temperatures: Get a rough idea of Nepal temperatures to prepare accordingly.

    Customizing Trip Plan:

    Flexibility: Yes, the trip plan can be customized to make it longer or shorter based on individual preferences.

    Provide Travel Dates: Travelers can provide their travel dates and plans, and tour operators will accommodate accordingly.


    Natalia Hidalgo Canales

    Natalia Hidalgo Canales - Chile

    Real Exotic tour and trekking

    My friend and I embarked on a 13-day adventure in Nepal, partaking in the Nepal Exotic tour which encompassed Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan, along with the Ghorepani Poonhill trekking, paragliding, and city sightseeing in late February. Chij and Gobinda assisted us in coordinating all aspects of our journey, including ground transportation, accommodations, trekking guides, domestic flights, and paragliding activities. Every arrangement unfolded seamlessly and exceeded our expectations.

    Our trekking guide, Gobinda, and porter were exceptionally attentive and detail-oriented throughout the five-day trek. They provided us with meticulous care, ensuring our safety and comfort at every step of the journey. Overall, Adventure Land Nepal proved to be a dependable and trustworthy company, facilitating an immensely enjoyable experience in Nepal.



    Beautiful Trek Ghorepani Poon Hill

    Our 13-day journey through Nepal, expertly organized by Adventure Land Nepal, was nothing short of extraordinary. From start to finish, their attention to detail ensured a seamless and memorable experience.

    Our highlight was undoubtedly the Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, condensed into four incredible days. Guided by a team of professionals, including a knowledgeable guide and two dedicated porters, every step of the trek was made enjoyable and safe. Their expertise and camaraderie enhanced our experience, making it truly unforgettable.

    Following the trek, we continued our adventure with enchanting days in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan. The hospitality and efficiency of the Adventure Land Nepal team remained consistently exceptional throughout our entire vacation.

    A special thanks to Chij and the entire team for their unwavering dedication and impeccable organization. Our journey through Nepal will forever hold a cherished place in our hearts, thanks to their efforts in making it truly unforgettable.

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