Chandragiri Hill in Kathmandu

Located seven kilometers southwest of Thankot, Chandragiri Hill stands at an altitude of 2,540 meters, offering a majestic panorama of the Kathmandu Valley adorned with verdant foliage. Its flamboyant peaks and lush vegetation create a pristine landscape that captivates visitors. The breathtaking views extend from Annapurna to Everest, encompassing the entirety of Nepal from this vantage point.

Traveling by car from Kathmandu’s hotels or airport, we’ll reach the cable car station for Chandragiri Hill. Here, amidst stunning vistas, visitors can indulge in fine dining, explore the nearby Bhaleshower Mahadev Temple—dedicated to Lord Shiva—and reflect on its historical significance. Legend has it that King Shah sought divine blessings from Bhaleshwor, an avatar of Shiva, before invading the Kathmandu Valley.

The journey from Kathmandu to Thankot spans 16 kilometers and typically takes around 30 minutes by car. The cable car route extends approximately two and a half kilometers from Godam near Thankot. After experiencing Chandragiri’s splendor, we’ll return to Kathmandu via the cable car, completing the excursion in approximately four hours. This itinerary also allows for a five-hour exploration of Kathmandu city.

Chandragiri Hill! This picturesque spot near Kathmandu offers a delightful escape into nature, stunning views, and a taste of Nepalese culture. Let’s delve into its charm:

Panoramic Paradise:

Chandragiri Hill, rising 2551 meters above sea level, presents breathtaking vistas of the Kathmandu Valley and the Himalayas. On a clear day, you’ll be mesmerized by a panorama stretching from Annapurna to Everest, with snow-capped peaks piercing the azure sky.

Cable Car Captivation:

A thrilling ascent aboard the Chandragiri Hills cable car sets the stage for your adventure. Glide gracefully through verdant pine forests, catching glimpses of the valley unfolding beneath you. The 10-minute journey culminates at the top station, where the breathtaking panorama awaits.

Temple Time:

At the summit, the Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, beckons. This ancient temple, adorned with intricate carvings and colorful flags, exudes a spiritual aura. Seek blessings, soak in the serenity, and marvel at the intricate architecture.

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