Khokana and Bungamati

Khokana and Bungamati are two charming Newari villages located on the southern outskirts of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Nestled amidst a picturesque landscape of rice paddies, rolling hills, and the glistening Bagmati River, these villages offer a glimpse into the traditional way of life and rich cultural heritage of the Newar people.


A vibrant town overlooking the Bagmati River, Bungamati boasts a history dating back to the 6th century.

Renowned for its skilled woodcarvers who create intricate doors, windows, and masks, Bungamati is a treasure trove of Newari craftsmanship.

Home to the iconic Rato Machhendranath Temple, dedicated to the rain god, Bungamati pulsates with religious fervor during the annual chariot festival.

Visitors can wander through narrow cobbled lanes, admire traditional red-brick houses with ornate wooden carvings, and soak in the serene atmosphere of this timeless town.


Known for its traditional mustard oil production, Khokana exudes a rustic charm with its quaint alleys and mustard fields stretching as far as the eye can see.

Witnessing the age-old process of extracting mustard oil using wooden presses is a unique experience that transports you back in time.

The three-storied temple of Shikali Mai, the village deity, stands as a testament to the deep-rooted faith of the locals.

During the vibrant Khokana Jatra festival held in October, masked dancers and colorful processions take over the streets, celebrating the goddess and showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of the village.

Visiting Khokana and Bungamati is a perfect escape from the bustle of Kathmandu, offering a chance to connect with nature, discover ancient traditions, and experience the warmth and hospitality of the Newar people. These villages are not just destinations; they are living museums where history whispers through every cobblestone and time seems to stand still.

Here are some additional details that you might find interesting:

Both Khokana and Bungamati were severely affected by the 2015 earthquake, but they are steadily rebuilding and preserving their cultural heritage.

The villages are easily accessible from Kathmandu by local buses or taxis.

Several homestays and guesthouses offer a unique opportunity to stay with local families and immerse yourself in the village life.

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